VAULT – What it is.

VAULT: A room. A space. A chamber. A place to guard and protect the contents within. Although usually underground, our VAULT is on the third floor of the John Labatt Visual Arts Center, located in Western University. A class of 18 artists, our upcoming show VAULT consists of works of all mediums. Painting, video, installation, sculpture, drawing, and photography. We are the graduating BFA class of 2015 and are a group of artists that are no two alike. This upcoming March, VAULT will be opened in the ArtLab, with a grand end of year show, staging our best works, to show the community what we have to offer. Our VAULT will no longer safe guard the work, but allow all to enter and to take a look at what we’ve done this year. We invite you to VAULT; there won’t be anything like it.

_MG_5161 _MG_5160 _MG_5158

Sculpture by Erik Skouris.




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